Breasts enlargement( augmentation mammoplasty)

These days endoprosthesis of breasts – is method of changing of breasts’ shape and size and enlargement of them. Operation gives an opportunity to women to give birth and to breastfeed.

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Endoprosthesis , using special implants ( prosthesis)  is type of mammoplasty which corrects breasts’ obligatory form and size .  Implants are fixed under big muscles of  the breasts ,or directly under the breasts ,and in subfascial  form .

Who come to clinics 100% of them complain about breast parameters and shapes. These can be  not enlarging of breast tissues congenital, their asymmetries  ,after breastfeeding and strictly losing weight changing of breasts’ form and size , or just simply who don’t like her appearance .

Some patients operate their breast in order to reconstruct ( for example after operation of breast cancer cutting). Such patients are little part  of this group.

If there is no contra-indications, this operation can be in 18-55 years. Some researches help to learn this theory and ensures that these operations don’t cause oncology , immune and other illnesses. At the same time normal lactation and breastfeeding can be applied .

Nowadays there are two implants for enlarging breasts :circular and drop-shaped (anatomic ). With the help of them it is possible to model breasts’ form and size .Implants for breasts’ enlarging don’t deform , the form of breasts is kept maximum time .( some companies ensure to their products permanently) and  comfort their customers.

As a material hypoallergenic ecological clean silicon is used. Some implants’ sphere is  not smooth (textured ) and this eliminates appearing thick capsule around prosthesis . In enlarging breasts sometimes smooth silicones are used .

Aggregates in implant can be different content :

sodium chloride solution 0.9%

silicon gel


cohesive gel

last two filler is very popular nowadays .The difference of them form others their neutrality and reliability. Cohesive gel looks like jelly imitating breast’s natural thickness. Besides it gel doesn’t enter out of implant’s silicon parts . Carboxymethylcellulose is made of cellulose  natural water-soluble polymer.Besides esthetics it is used in product sector  as a filler .CMS protects its shape well, if any part goes out from silicon without harming organ , tissues eat it. One problem of these implants may their expensive cost .

Today implants for enlarging breasts are made by some companies . The most popular them is MentorMcGhan , eurosilicon,Polutech Silimed .

When preparing operation besides standard check-up you need to see mammologist,  to take a mammography and ultrasound .If there is no contra- indications in this case surgeon speaks all details of operation and taking into consideration  anatomy’s individual features and patient’s wishes chooses ideal endosprothesis which seem in ideal shape and form . Patient must have information before and after operation.

Tips for breast enlargement :
-Amasty and lipomastia ( not Improving of breasts )
Ptose ( Sagging breasts)
Asymmetry of breasts congenital
Abnormal improvement of breasts
After any injury and  mastectomy ( cutting fully) reconstruction of breasts.

Side effects of breast enlargement:
acute infectious diseases
lactation period
Blood clotting disorder
swelling of breasts
skin illnesses
giving risk of material’s disorder autoimmune illnesses

Rehabilitation period after operation

After operation patient stays in stationary situation in clinics , then rehabilitation stays at home and follows doctor’s advices , After operation first days high temperature is considered normal situation .

One ,month is recommended  to wear special  compression dress. You should avoid from hand movements , sport, tension, sauna , bath ,

After operation swelling, decrease of senility, burning sensation around the nipple  passes after the 3-4 weeks . But complete rehabilitation lasts 2-6 months.