Rhinoplasty is surgery sphere about nose esthetics.

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Rhinoplasty is not only about changing of nose shape, it is also correction of nose’s internal elements, because nose is very important in people’s life . Nose provides oxygen to lungs freely . In addition nose heats this weather and does filtration with little hairs . Besides it nose takes part making voice , smelling,  ventilation of sinus outlets and nose –tear apparatus  and their drainage .That’s why  esthetics operation doesn’t break nose’s main functions but improves them .

To note that some people don’t like their nose forms ,but it doesn’t means that everybody must operate .Esthetics is provided that when it disturb work and live.
First conversation with doctor is very important . Patient should speak about problems that came him to the plastic surgeon .It is very important to know when first opinions about appearance defects .  It is important to know how people around him/her react to these defects.

Nose plastic surgery belongs to operation category  for extra-class doctors. Here it is not enough to know only technical side .The most difficult thing is to find esthetics decision and to provide it in live  tissues .
Now the patients who want rhinoplasty is 30%-60% of all patients who apply to plastic surgeons . This problem mostly sees on  pubescence and personality structure .From 17 to 25 ages  both tissue situation  and psychology  situation it is ideal time for people to evaluate his/her new appearance . Before 17 years old it is not recommended to operate , so at that time forming of tissues has not completed and in growing zones and during operation any intervention can cause different  deformations and bad results .

Nose esthetics always happens under general anesthesia . This helps doctor to concentrate   and patient not to feel pain. In most cases after nose esthetics scar doesn’t seem . Operation is done with cut of mucous membrane and colemulla . Operation is finished with putting buffers to nasal cavity . After operation first days they are support for nose tissues and gap in them helps to breath  with nose . From Outside  nose shape is fixed with plaster bandage in the shape of butterfly  and special sticks .

After operation there are no pains around nose . Outside bandages – plaster generally is removed after one week . Nearby eyes bruises can be in half cases and remove after one week . On nose  swelling and edema remove in the end of 1st ,3rd 6th months  accordingly 50,80,90% . After operation patient stays stationary situation one day( minimum 6 hours) .
Rhinoplasty –is  esthetics operation for making external appearance of nose and its breathing . Nose’s esthetics operation makes nose more beautiful , Septorhinoplasty  according to its medical character is for recovering nose’s breath functions and its reconstruction .

Nowadays rhinoplasty is used for generally changing nose’s shape and sizes . there are three main applying causes- Congenital defects , injures and fashion .

Successful rhinoplasty requires comprehensive knowledge of nose anatomy and physiology  . All parts of nose serves to different aims and only specialized doctor who knows rhinoplasty can change nose without any harm to important tissues .
Some types of rhinoplasty can be done under the local anesthesia , but generally general anesthesia is used . During 0.5-2 hours anesthesia  is standard  anesthetic for rhinoplasty .Regularity of operation  depends on the character and duration of

 Rhinoplasty .

If you have caught respiratory tract - a viral infection, rhinoplasty isn’t recommended , because this operation improves the risk of acute of illness. several weeks before operation of rhinoplasty it is recommended to stop getting aspirin and  medications that affect blood clotting. Because they improves the risk of blood clotting during rhinoplasty. When planning nose esthetics inform your doctor what medicines you receive . Your surgeon must have information about your allergic reactions existing chronic illnesses and previous operations ( if have ) and some reactions.

During rhinoplasty cuts usually are small and when they recovers normally they don’t seem . Sometimes during nose esthetics ( specially repeat rhinoplasty ) it is needed  to use addition material . This material is taken from patience’s body –bone, cartilage .