Abdominoplasty ( Latin word Abdomen –belly )is surgery operation of Patient’s abdomen and correction of abdominal wall.

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The context of esthetics operation is removing extra fat and skin from lower part of abdomen and tighten of abdomen muscles .

Do you exactly need Abdominoplasty ?
You have been mother recently and after giving birth abdomen muscles don’t want to return previous situation and you are not fat .

You have lost strict weight , but skin lost elasticity and tighten has caused appearing of esthetics “apron”.

Extra( not needed) skin

The reason of it from differnts causes tighten skin cannot shrink again and extra skin appear .You can’t deal with extra fat and skin freely. Doesn’t Sport and balanced food help ? In this case Abdominoplasty is recommended . After operation abdomen gets its previous shape: skin is smooth ,tighten , and elastic .Waist gets thinner and big abdomen gets thinner .


In the result of intensive getting weight ( for example during pregnancy)  skin is stretched , violates completeness of the connective tissues, and on skin  pink or red “  in scars shape ”cracks  appear . These scars lose their original color and look like white lines .they are cracks . To struggle with them is very difficult , because they damage skin to the deep and don’t let to come together again .Abdominoplasty  corrects to disappear cracks. Mechanism is to take fat and skin from navel  and to tighten it till situation before giving birth.

Abdominoplasty doesn’t apply to men because men’s abdomen structur is very different form women , “apron “ which belong to women  men don’t have .in this situation operation is perfect .

As all surgery operations have some contra-indications. They are : diabetes mellitus, pathology of the liver and kidneys, during operation any infectious illness and after these illnesses period of recovery .  other illnesses that can deteriorate Rehabilitation period . That’s why  you should inform doctor and anesthesiologist all problems about health and allergic reactions .

Regularly Why abdominoplasty operate ?


Abdominoplasty is cutting extra fat and skin from abdomen area and tighten of abdomen muscles  from abdominal wall and replacing of navel. Low part of  cut abdomen  is done with the upper part of groin .Sew is put inside the skin , that’s why gradually turns non visual white line .

When there are less important changes miniabdominoplasty is applied .Last one is different from classic abdominoplasty with its small cuts ,  The amount of interference, and it is don without replacing navel . In most cases with the help of miniabdominoplasty it can be dealt with cracks .The effect of abdominoplasty can seem after some days of operation after passing swelling. After 6 month from operation it is considered to get final result.Your body will be more attractive and beautiful . After it you can wear  waist down fashionable jeans, open  beach suits and even you can do piercing to your navel ,because your waist according to right anatomic vertical lines.

After abdominoplasty very rarely complications happen and doesn’t influence result’s quality .If patient controls his/her weight there is no need repeat operation .

If the woman plans again to be pregnant ( or after  3-5 years from abdominoplasty patient wants to something according to weight correction ) in this situation operation is not recommended . After giving birth in first six months there is no any benefit of abdominoplasty , because tighten of skin and figure outlines can be recover without operation.